Just some links!



Thank you everyone for the follows and feedback! I very much appreciate your support!

I thought I should created a little post for all my links, in case you were curious about things I am doing with my time… as always, support greatly appreciated!

  1. My very own novel! Totally free to read. I have been working on this baby for maybe 10 years, and I keep re-polishing and re-writing all the time. It is finally at a state where I’m close to satisfied with it. You know, writing reviews of other people helped me see my own mistakes too? Wow! Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. My short stories! Either for free or pay-what-you-like! Just a download is already super appreciated. I have many, many other short stories I work on at the moment, hopefully I can publish them one by one soon. Thank you!
  3. A few weeks ago I set up a ko-fi account, the button is in the sidebar of this page or right here. Of course there is absolutely no obligation, this is just if you feel like it. It would help me a lot, though!
  4. I also offer art commissions, if anyone should ever be interested! I write better than I draw, but I can’t write for money so I draw for money instead.

That’s all, I believe. If you ever wish to get in touch with me you can use ana.oldrin@gmail.com

Thank you ever so much!


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