The name I use online is Ana. As I love to rant about books, whether I’ve liked or disliked them, when they’ve left me with something to say, I’ve decided to make this little blog for that. Please keep in mind that English is not my first language.

The way it works:

  1. I write personal reviews, which may not sound all that professional all the time. Keep in mind I haven’t had any qualifications to say I know 100% what I’m talking about, this is just to get my thoughts out there, but I don’t think I’m completely out of my element here!
  2. I post spoilers in my reviews occasionally, so please be advised that every review you read might contain spoilers. I will always state in the title whether there’s spoilers or not but please do still be careful.
  3.  I will usually say in the title if the review is positive or negative or what-not. As a writer (or, aspiring writer) myself, I know it sucks to read bad words about your work. So, I will put a warning for a negative review, and if you’re the author, or someone who loves the book the post concerns, proceed with caution. I never truly just swear at books unless I have a very good reason, and I try to be detailed in my negativity.

You may also send me stories or books to review, if you’d like! You can contact me through ana.oldrin@gmail.com

I always appreciate comments and feedback! Thank you for reading my page!

Other places you can find me

Gumroad for short stories| My own web novel